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     Ian Sebire - Artist and Writer

I can't rationalise my affection for all things maritime; it may be a legacy of summer holidays on Guernsey...…..or maybe it's just 'in the blood' (Sebire is a Norman French name meaning 'Sea bright').

I'd always enjoyed art but it wasn't until my early 20's that I started painting in earnest. For subjects I inevitably turned to my fascination with ships and the sea.

In 2003 I started Sarnia Watercolours (not some obscure anagram of my name but the Roman name for Guernsey, the ancestral homeland and a personal touchstone). Commissions came and then I started to supply prints and greetings cards for sale on board Cunard cruise ships. 

As a youngster I visited QE2 at Southampton and vowed someday to be involved with this legendary ship. Here I am, in 2008, standing in the foyer outside the onboard library, next to a display of my paintings. It was a wonderful experience and a childhood ambition fulfilled!

By 2014 I was supplying both Cunard and CMV with prints and cards, whilst also writing articles on passenger liner history, mainly for Shipping Today & Yesterday magazine.

Changes at the cruise lines meant a change of focus. Thereafter I concentrated mainly on writing, with more articles and then my first book; 'Masters of the Italian Line: Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raffaello', which was published in the Autumn of 2018.

I've diversified into painting more beach and shoreline paintings in recent years, whilst continuing to paint ships as well. There are more features for Shipping Today and Yesterday, whilst also branching out into naval and historical topics for other magazines. Although publication was delayed by the pandemic, my second book: 'Italian Liners of the 1960's - The Costanzi Quartet' is now out and I've recently started work on a third project, about the Italian liners Angelina and Achille Lauro...…….watch this space!