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     Ian Sebire - Artist and Writer

I've always enjoyed reading about ships and the sea, especially the great passenger liners of the past. Well in the end I thought if you can't beat them, join them!

My first published article (in Sea Breezes magazine back in 2010), was about my favourite ship, the SS France/Norway. Subsequently, a fortunate encounter with Nigel Lawrence (editor) led to me becoming a regular contributor of feature articles for Shipping Today and Yesterday magazine. Primarily these have been about liners from the 1960's, like the Portuguese vessel Infante dom Henrique (see link below).

A first book 'Masters of the Italian Line: Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raffaello' came about largely by accident. I had written separate articles about these ships in 2017 but decided to amalgamate them into a single volume. Amberley Publishing were enthusiastic and agreed to take on the project. Thanks to the generous help of family, friends (old and new), acquaintances and organisations I was able to secure all the illustrations and information I needed to complete the book. Hard work but great fun!

The book was first published in the UK in September 2018 and in the USA in June 2019.

A further series of articles have been completed and will be published throughout 2021/2022. My second book, about the Italian ship designer Nicol√≤ Costanzi and his famous quartet of ships from the 1960's : Galileo Galilei, Guglielmo Marconi, Oceanic and Eugenio C is now available to purchase in the UK and from November in the USA. Information and images supplementing the book can be found at The Costanzi Quartet